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January 27, 2010 pm 12:08 pm
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How a Microsoft Employee Became Japan’s iPhone Porn King →

Eugene Lin was a typical Microsoft employee until the iPhone came out. When he heard how much money some developers were making, then Eugene decided to try his hand at iPhone app development.

It was a bumpy road of app rejection, but it eventually lead to him developing one of the top purchased apps in Japan, or in his words becoming an iPhone “Japanese porn king.”

The most recent application he developed is called Peekaboo, and as of this writing is ranked #10 of the Top Paid apps in Japan’s App Store.

Watch the video of his quick presentation (6 minutes) on the path he took to reach success in the App Store, especially in Japan.

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January 22, 2010 pm 6:21 pm
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Voodoo People made with Ableton Live →

Like the Prodigy?  Remember Voodoo People?  You’ll see it in a completely different light now.

(thanks to @codepo8 for the link)

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November 10, 2009 pm 5:28 pm
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Bring on the cyborgs →

Impressive, yet fear inducing footage of a robot arm/hand that can accurately grasp objects in 3D space, at incredible speeds.

All they need to do it team up with Boston Dynamic’s “Big Dog” and we’re not far from the rise of the robots.

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October 23, 2009 pm 4:20 pm
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Cassetteboy vs Nick Griffin →

I love Cassetteboy – ever since listening to a dodgy copy of “the Parker Tapes” (oddly ironic, considering his content entirely consists of the mutilated corpses of other peoples work), I’ve been hooked.  “Cassetteboy vs Jamie Oliver” has to be one of my favourites, as does the “Bloody Apprentice” which he released earlier in the year.

This time, he’s gone and done over Nick Griffin.  In record time too, considering the original content was only aired ~12 hours ago.


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October 15, 2009 am 10:33 am
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Dead Fly Art →

Exactly as it says…

For more of this excellent series, visit the full site here

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